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How the NEW website can be of Help to Parents

   The Cheshire Soccer Club's NEW website is being constructed to help players, coaches, team managers and especially PARENTS simplify the complexity that youth socccer activities bring to their already busy lives.

   The website is still under construction and it could be a full year before all of the capabilities of the website can be fully tapped to assist in simplifying our lives.

   Some of the capabilities , however, are already being brought on-line. As they become available information will be posted here on how to access those benefits.



Checking Your Team's Schedule!

   Players and/or parents can check their team's schedule of both games and practices (and other events) at any time by clicking on "Team" on the top menu; then "selecting" the appropriate "league" or division; and then the appropriate "team".

   Each team (in-house or travel) now has its own "team page" where coaches' and manager's contact information is posted and where information "Bulletins" can be posted concerning team activities. Once having reached your team's "team page" on the website the team's schedule can be accessed by clicking on "Schedule" from the left-hand menu.

   The team's schedule can then be "printed" as desired.



Finding Directions to an AWAY Game!

   To get directions to an AWAY game in another town go to the team's "page"; click on "Schedule" from the left-hand menu and then on the town/field where the away game is scheduled to be played. Directions, which may be printed, should then be available.