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U9/U10 Select Teams


To encourage the development of those older players who demonstrate a readiness to train and play at the next level the club has developed a supplement to the regular in-house program

A group of 15 to 20 U9 or U10 players are offered the opportunity to participate in additional practices, a limited number of additional games and usually one tournament. The additional practices are held once a week during the fall and spring outdoor seasons under the direction of professional coaches. The additional games usually include “friendly” matches against out-of-town opponents and participation in one of the weekend-long invitational tournaments sponsored by the Cheshire Soccer Club during the spring season. Such games are played solely as an aid in the process of player development.

The U10 Select program goals is the development of players who show early potential and a general interest in playing soccer at a higher level. It is not about competition, but about skill development. Emphasis is placed on challenging players to learn and play the game better, not on winning. The program is designed to include not only the few players whose athletic ability and advanced coordination currently set them apart, but also players who show the potential for further development.


The club's Director of Coaching will choose players for the Select team. Players will be identified at a preseason evaluation and In-house games & practices.


Although there are limitations on the number of players who can be accommodated in the program, it is the intent of the club that the real limiting factor should be the readiness of the players themselves. Every effort will be made to include all players ready for the next step.

Importantly, the program is offered in addition to, not in lieu of the club's in-house program. All players participating on a U10 select team are required to keep all commitments to their regular in-house teams.