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GUEST Players


It is the practice of the Cheshire Soccer Club to allow, and encourage, a limited number of U8 players of demonstrated ability and maturity to participate as “guest players” in the club’s U10 program. Guest players will be indentifed by the club's Director of Coaching.


To be eligible as a guest player, however, a U8 player must FIRST meet ALL commitments to their U8 team.


As a guest player the U8 player will be assigned to a U10 team by the U10 division coordinator and will be encouraged to participate in all U10 practices and games.


From time to time a U8 player may be assigned as a guest player on an emergency basis when it is determined that a U10 team may be short players for a particular game. U10 coaches anticipating being short players for a particular game should contact their division coordinator who will make arrangements for a U8 player to fill in as an “emergency guest player”.


Although it is often the case that a U8 “guest player may be more talented than one or more of the U-9 or U-10 players on the team’s roster, the club does not desire or expect that U8 players will take playing opportunities away from ANY U9 or U10 player. Emergency U8 players should not be requested for games when the coach expects a full compliment of U9 and U10 players.


Under NO circumstances should a U8 player start a U10 game if there is a U9 or U10 player available. Otherwise any U8 guest player, either permanently assigned or playing in an emergency, shall be treated as a full member of the U10 team and must be given the opportunity to play at least ½ of each game to which the player is invited.


Some exceptional U8 players will be assigned as guest players from the start of the season. Others may be given the opportunity “part way through” as they become identified.