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Rules of Play for U10


FIFA Laws of the Game apply unless stated otherwise


The game is played on a field approximately 60 yards long by 50 yards wide.

Each team plays six (6) field players PLUS a goalkeeper. (7 v 7)

The game consists of two (2) 30-minute halves. Time is kept by the referee.

The "Off-side" rule IS in effect at U-10!

On any "free kick" (including "goal kicks") opponents must be at least 7 yards from the ball.

Substitutions are unlimited at any stoppage of the game at the referee’s discretion. (only after requesting and receiving the permission of the referee).

Coaches and/or parents must stand along the touchline and may not stand behind the goal.

Coaches and/or parents may NOT enter the field of play without the permission of the referee.

Except for reason of injury or discipline EACH PLAYER ON THE TEAM MUST PLAY AT LEAST HALF OF EVERY GAME!

Whenever any team goes ahead of an opponent by five goals the team must remove one player (and play a player short). If they go ahead by 6 goals they will remove another player (and play 2 players short) etc. If the opponent scores to narrow the score a player may be returned to the field.